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  • 1950: Born in Vendrennes (Vendée), France.
  • 1972-1978: Worked as a wood sculptor whilst teaching himself painting.
  • 1979-1981: Studied at the Fine Arts School of Poitiers (Vienne).
  • 1982-1983: For two years he worked with J.P. Pincemin, (a painter affiliated with the ‘Support-Surface’ group) helping him with his monumental pieces.
  • 1985: First solo exhibition in Poitiers. His first all-over paintings Paysages, which are a reflection of oriental inspiration into energy and colour.
  • 1990: Instants Donnés an exhibition of 60 drawings in Poitiers.
  • 1991: Started working on two series: Sphères and Echos Lointains. Invented complex colour.
  • 1992: Obtained a grant from the Ministry of Culture to set up a studio.
  • 1989-1994: Commissioned by Rur’Art to create monumental works for rural primary schools.
  • 1993: Horizons series.
  • 1994: Painted the first Symétries which were developed simultaneously with other series on the theme of the circle.
  • 1998: Terres d’Infini, weightless paintings with neither top nor bottom, left nor right.
  • 2000: First Récits Fabuleux, using raised threads for texture to create random drawings for capturing subconscious images.
  • 2001: First Lueurs where, in a diffuse circle, colours fashion a special kind of light.
  • June 2002: European artist in residence program in Verenka, Hungary – (Conseil Général de la Vienne / Vienne County Council).
  • 2002: Started the Feuillages series, a play of light and shadow that emphasises the qualities of light.

Since then all the recent series have been developed simultaneously to give volume to light’s subtle variations.

  • Jean-Marie also takes his art into schools as one of the state-sponsored artists registered with the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles.
  • Organises and teaches art workshops in St Julien l’Ars (Vienne),
  • Lives and works in Jardres.